The Royal Palace in America? Hawaii Big Island’s Hulihe’e Palace in Kailua Kona

Closed for repairs following the October 16, 2006 earthquake, Hulihe’e Palace – the jewel of Kailua Kona – is slated to reopen to the public soon. So – what is the story behind this unique, one of only two Royal Palaces in America?

Introduction: It is said that the ghosts of the Hawaiian monarchs still haunt this palace, walking up the grand steps and around the grounds. Built by Governor James Kuakini in 1838 as a home, it was used for many years by the Hawaiian royal family as a summer palace, venue for great galas and parties. Dilapidated into ruin in 1914, the Palace has been run as a museum by the Daughters of Hawaii since 1928.

Also on the grounds of the Palace are Pohaku Likanaka, a ceremonial execution stone, a fish pond and the Palace Gift Store, which has many works of art and hard-to-find books about Hawai’iana.

The museum is open from Monday to Friday from until 4 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday at Until 4:00 PM There are friendly and knowledgeable teachers who offer free tours that last approximately 45 minutes. Admission is $ 5 for adults, $ 4 for seniors and $ 1 for students; photography inside the museum is not allowed.

History: One of the more interesting things about the Palace is the origin of its name, Hulihe. Huli means “to turn or to twist” and comes from the same source as “hula” or “dance of the turns.” He’e is the general term for cephalopods (octopuses and squids). The term “spinning octopus” does not refer to an aquatic species, but rather a form of tactical defense used by Hawaiians to defend the coast from overwhelming attacking forces. Defenders are spread out in arms or tentacles that pivot from area to area as waves of attackers come ashore.

Hulihe’e Palace was built by the Supreme Commander (later governor) James Kuakini in 1838 as a home. After his death, Princess Ruth Ke’elikolani lived in a grass house (drank halls) in this area, the foundations of which are still visible. The palace was then turned into the summer royal palace of the Hawaiian royal family and then residing in Honolulu, notably the king of Kalakaua – The Merrie Monarch – until it was abandoned and fell into disrepair in 1914. Prince Kuhio, Hawaii’s first delegate to Congress, inherited the Palace from his father and in the 1920s decided to auction off all the equipment. The Palace staff numbered each item and wrote down who the buyers were.

At the turn of the 20th century, the Palace fell into disrepair and was a discreet place for men to gather in the evenings, play poker and drink by the light of kerosene lamps. The daughter of Hawaii, when she learned in 1920 that the Inter Island Steamship Company was planning to acquire and demolish the Palace in order to build a luxury resort on royal lands, saved the Palace and has been running it as a museum ever since. The daughters of Hawaii found the old list of buyers for the equipment put up by Prince Kuhio at auction and convinced many owners to return, resell, or permanently borrow these priceless works from the Museum.

Today, the museum contains an impressive array of native Hawaiian artifacts, from fish hooks to clubs and combs. On the walls were many portraits of Ali and Western people important to Hawaiian history. There are also intricately carved furniture by local and European masters such as Wilhelm Fisher, including massive beds, impressive armor, and a 6-foot-wide table carved from a single koa log.


We’re only in our twenties

I’m writing this for the rest of you in your twenties who like me, have no idea what they want to do with the rest of their lives. I realistically wanted to be a thousand different people. I mean, who doesn’t want to be Harvey Specter in suits, the walking, talking, kicked out lawyer who makes things happen. I do. Or which girl has not dreamed of the life of her favorite actress, model or songwriter. The problem with twenty-year-olds is that we’re not in the movies. Chances are your twenties will be spent penniless, but okay, at one point in his life Dwayne Johnson had seven dollars in his name and Eric Thomas lived on the streets of Detroit, now look at them. We may not be in the movies, but we surely have our own script that has yet to be written, but the problem with it is where to start?

As I sit here writing this, I have a whole new respect for the filmmakers who make up the whole world in their minds and throw it into a movie. It’s hard for me to make my own. It was Zig Ziglar who said: “We are made for success” and “You have greatness in you”. Do I believe this is true? Absolutely. I think each of us has some unwritten path that we always knew we were going to travel, but the pastimes of life have taken a thousand other paths that we jump onto from time to time.

Take high school for example, there are those who go through high school, sometimes even junior high with a goal. You have Sally Smarts and Gerry Genius who will be doctors and nurses like their parents. On the other side of the token is Johnny Jiggers, who knows he wants to become a locksmith because he hates school, homework or teachers. There are also unfortunate ones who have been misled all their lives who have never made it through high school because the chimney was the most important part for them. My question has always been: where does this lead me?

Where I come from, if you build houses, become a crab fisherman or drink a light of donuts, you are well on your way, some will say. Of course I love where I come from and all those fishermen, carpenters and beer drinkers. In fact, I have become a carpenter myself and drink light donuts. It was just one of those paths that had already been cleared for me. It was like a cycle path that you could walk down without tripping over branches or tearing your legs apart by bushes. It was convenient. But I want to jump off this path and jump on my own. I want to feel my shoes fill with water, my legs are being jerked by the brush, I trip over a few branches and open a couple of times because I know I’ll find what I’m looking for in the end. I will not find it here on this path, I will find what my dad who is a carpenter and drinks Bud Light, I will find a routine. I love my father and his work ethic is second to none, which I have always respected. But even he told me that I was destined for more than that.

At twenty-three, I made most of the mistakes you can make. I want to write them down for all of you so you know that you are not alone, but I’m not sure I told all of this to my family, actually I know no, I don’t want to dig my grave here. But with all these mistakes, I’m here, I’m writing this to you because even those mistakes and those already beaten paths that promise comfort couldn’t keep me from what I really want, which is the answers, what will I do with the rest of my life?

Like you, I have dreams. Not all of us will invent our own app and earn millions. But more importantly, we’ll find out what we want, what we want because we deserve more. To name a few, I wanted to become a policeman, cardiac surgeon, carpenter (believe it or not), lawyer, dentist, and thought about joining the armed forces several times, especially after reading the novel “American Sniper” by Chris Kyle. The problem with most of my ambitious career choices is that almost all of them have been passed on to me as a “perfect career” by an outside source. Let me explain. When I first watched Grey’s Anatomy, I was set to become Preston Burke, the number one cardiac surgeon in a country that never loses his temper and has everything figured out. After watching Criminal Minds or Homeland, reaching the detective looked tempting and reminded me of me.

I know what you are thinking about! It is certainly possible that I can do one, maybe all of these things. But it has to be because I want to, not because I like the idea of ​​life I watch on Netflix that has a script ready and is meant to attract people like me.

Honestly, my new thing is wanting to travel the world. Maybe I am looking for my career niche and routine path, when my Everest is waiting for me, does Bangladesh work on a rice farm and meet the locals, who knows?

A friend once told me, “Imagine you’re in the woods with your bow and arrow pointed at your target. You can see the target clearly, slow down your breath, tighten the line, you can hear your breath so you are still ready. Then a gust of wind sends thousands of leaves around your target and you lose your sight, but you still shoot and miss. ”This is what I have been doing all my life. I spent my life shooting leaves, not targets. I don’t think people fail because they are aiming for high and they miss, I think they are failing because they are aiming for low and hitting.

What I’m talking about is this. So far I went to university, left him, now actually twice. I worked on a busy street in the city center where I live for several years as a bouncer. I have landed fishing vessels more times than I want to count. I have been a bartender and have served and visited many restaurants. I ran the comedy club “Yuk Yuks” for the year before it closed (in which, of course, I had no part in), and of course I worked as a carpenter from time to time from the age of sixteen, which I am doing now. I will not drag you down the dark path while I was working in a fish factory. You’re welcome. But it’s important to remember that in most cases, you will only regret what you didn’t do later, not the ones you did and failed.

Some would say that I have wasted my last six or more years in high school walking through my life. I tell them, “I was exploring my options.” This usually tosses a sock at it. I mean, few have an answer to that. I was a young kid leaving high school and the world was ready to eat me, and it did. However, now I know something that I didn’t know when I was a young punk who couldn’t grow his face hair (yes I was the face of a kid in class). I found out what I don’t want. I don’t want to wake up every day, just rest. Going to the same job for the same salary, seeing the same faces, absolutely unhappy because I didn’t take the time to find out what my passion is. It undermines your self-esteem and I believe that if you live this life something dies in you and I’m not sure you’ll ever get it back.

The last six years have been one of the best and worst of my life. It includes the loss of my mother, the loss of my grandfather who was my best friend, I fell completely in love and fell out of love with the girl I told the people I spent my life with and collected about thirty thousand dollars in debt. I mean, life will catch you on the blind side and you won’t be ready. I wasn’t ready. Just relax, accept and move on. Les Brown once said in a speech, “Don’t judge your abilities by where your life is now. Where your life is now is not you, it is just what it is now. ” I think he meant that at one point we were all just “putting off time”, but just make sure it is a stepping stone to something bigger and better, not the rest of your life.

For those of you who don’t know, Joe Frazier was a world-class boxer, he had a record of 32-4 and 27 wins were knockouts. They called him “Smokin Joe.” You never expect boxers to make profound statements, but he said, “at some point in your life you will be like a blind man, sitting at the corner lights waiting for someone to come and help us.” Sometimes we just want someone to hold our hand. I remember being that blind man, I remember how much clearer I saw things when I finally forgave myself where I was. Don’t throw yourself so quickly. You will get to the next round.

The irony is that by becoming this blind man it has helped me see more than I have ever seen. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest tragedies to date. So many of us confuse what we do with who we are. I mean, when will becoming the next Steve Jobs become more important than keeping your doors open and fighting to do what’s right? Or when was the last time you did something without expecting you to get something back? We have forgotten where we came from, we have forgotten who we are, in a desperate fight to know what we want to do. I know it’s been like this for a long time.

The moment you find yourself, you will find the answers. But, knowing what I now know, one thing I wish I could tell my seventeen-year-old self, just before turning twenty is this. Don’t lose your kid. Children dream aloud. When I was a kid, no one could tell me I was not going to be the next Wayne Gretzkey because I believed I could do it, and as we get older we make the baby knocked out by the experience of life. We let someone put a finger in their face and say we’re not good enough. Most often it’s us, we do it to ourselves in the mirror. We are losing the ability to dream.

In addition to the rest of this wonderful knowledge that I am sharing with you, know this. Stay away from negative people. Les Brown once said, “Some people are so negative about a dark room that they will start to develop.” As clever and fun as it is, he’s right. Some people just don’t want the best for you, in fact many of them want the worst for you, and they hate to see you move forward. Feather birds flock together. You run with negative people, sooner or later you will become one of them. Don’t let them take away your power, your drive. Keep your vision and focus on what you have to take. You’re worth it.

If you take any of it, know that whatever you want, whatever you dream about is yours, it is possible. I know your parents, or someone you care about, told you this many times. But I’m telling you, I’m in my twenties right next to you, and it’s true. This world is ours for the taking, we are the future. I once heard a line in a song by Ray Lamontagne’s “Old Before Your Time” and read it. “There is nothing in the world as sad as talking to a man who never knew his life belonged to him.”

I could make a list of 200 things that you cannot do in your 20s, but I think the truth is between the lines. I still have no idea what I’m going to do, but I know I’ll never settle. I will chase whatever is waiting for me, because I believe that whatever you are looking for is also looking for you. But don’t become a “bee-used” person, these people stay in the past. Have you ever met one of them? These people go around saying, “I’ve been doing this, I’ve been doing that, or been this.” Sorry, but “Useful Bees” don’t make honey.

Get out there and find your path and don’t forget to have fun doing it. Never lose who you are, where you come from and the goods you’re made of, that person will save your ass. Life works in a fun way, and I believe that if you take responsibility for making this year your own, going out and living it, I believe the universe is on your side. But. if you happen to find yourself in a carpenter drinking light donuts, don’t panic, we’re only in our twenties.


Your Hawaii vacation – what to pack to go to Hawaii?

Hawaii bag packing

With airlines now charging a second – or in some cases even the first – piece of baggage and enforcing strict weight limits of “50 pounds per bag”, the frugal traveler is forced to plan wisely to avoid loading expensive baggage fees. I used to travel under the motto “Do not drop off your luggage unless you can lose it; if you can lose it, don’t take it, ”which is why I have never traveled anywhere with anything more than hand luggage. While it’s always good to travel as light as possible, with the advent of the new, stringent hand luggage limits and my advanced age (and accompanying growing desire to travel in comfort), I have learned to travel with only one piece of checked baggage plus mine to carry on . The key is to pack smart so you can pack less.

Be careful with your hand luggage: Most airlines allow you to bring one carry-on bag and personal items such as a purse or laptop. I push it a bit, bringing my carry-on bag and my laptop in a computer package, which also has room for one video camera, my SLR and an emergency change of clothes (in case all my luggage is lost). They usually let me get away dry. Since I trust neither baggage handlers nor TSA inspectors, and my baggage has been lost more times than I can remember, I pack my second video camera and most of my clothes in a second carry-on bag so they don’t have to be checked. In this bag I also carry a quart of water (bought at the airport, after security control) and some snacks.

You will need at least one book to read during the flight; Your tickets, booking confirmations, travelers checks, phone number list, spare glasses and medication should be placed in a waterproof bag in the carry bag that you intend to hold the most tightly.

Remember that more books, extra batteries, memory cards, videotapes, or camera film can be purchased from Wal-Mart or Costco on the island almost as cheaply as on the mainland, and you don’t need to fill your luggage with accessories. If you are packing the film and carrying it in your carry-on luggage, make sure to protect it from x-rays.

Plan your activities: Perhaps in Hawaii you plan to engage in certain specific activities that require specific equipment or clothing – it’s best to think carefully about this when packing. If you are going snorkeling, many people are going to save money by bringing their own gear. This is a bogus saving if it causes you to pay for an extra piece of baggage on the plane. Buying your snorkel equipment on the island is quite inexpensive, and renting it is quick, easy and even cheaper. The same can be said for the rental of diving equipment and golf clubs. Activities such as hiking and horse riding require quite a special wardrobe, but if you plan well, all you need to do is bring hiking / riding shoes and an extra pair of pants and a shirt appropriate for the activity. If you plan to visit mountain peaks, be aware that they can be quite cold – even snowy or rainy – so plan ahead and pack accordingly. If you are bringing shoes, I advise you to carry them on the plane to save space and weight in your bags. When it comes to photographic equipment or musical instruments – any expensive or delicate equipment for that matter – my philosophy is never to put up with it. Never check cameras, guitar, laptop, etc. – it’s a recipe for loss.

Weather plan: As Hawaii is tropical, temperatures at sea level only fluctuate by about 10 degrees day and night, and all year round. It’s hot during the day, plan a nice wardrobe. The windward side is generally rainy, and afternoon showers often occur in the upper cities (mountains). Evenings, especially in the provinces, are wonderfully cool as there is usually an evening or sea breeze. With thoughtfulness, your wardrobe can handle all of these situations without being bulky, heavy or decorative.

The specificity: Hawaii suits are unnecessary; even District Court judges here wear Aloha shirts underneath their bathrobes. A nice shirt, usually an Aloha shirt, and a pair of khaki pants are the wardrobe items of choice in fancy restaurants and nightclubs – shorts and sandals everywhere. I would advise a complete wardrobe consisting of a polo shirt and several Aloha shirts, one pair of long khaki pants and three pairs of shorts, several T-shirts or T-shirts; that’s all you need to cover most bases. Women may want to throw on a light dress or skirt. Sandals are all you need or want on your way to shoes (your feet will be HOT) – unless you want to throw in a pair of running shoes for exercise or hiking.

Bring two swimsuits – you’ll be surprised how pleasant it is to be in the water in the hot tropics, whether you’re cooling off in the pool after a hot day or diving with turtles and fishing daily, so you’ll probably want to swim every day. Swimsuits rarely dry out overnight, and it’s much nicer to wear a warm, dry swimsuit than a wet, cold one.

If you plan on horseback riding or exploring higher elevations such as the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park or Mauna Kea, please bring jeans and hiking boots, a warm sweater, and a light rain jacket / windbreaker. A compact travel umbrella is always a good idea.

Don’t forget to pack your toiletries and personal belongings; I carried them with me in case I lost my luggage, but restrictions on liquids, gels, and razors make it impractical. Medicines are of course available in the package. A sun block, a sun hat, sunglasses, and a burn cream (I use aloe vera gel) will make your vacation smoother, but can be bought cheaply locally if you don’t have room for it.

Two things to keep your head on when you’re in Hawaii, by the way – if you start to feel thirsty, you’ve waited too long to drink water; if you start feeling the sun, you’ve waited too long to put on your sunscreen. Drink more water than you think you need, apply sunscreen before going out, and reapply more often than you think you need. Your body is used to more moderate climates and will not alert you in times of danger.

Many people plan ahead, leaving plenty of room to bring souvenirs and gifts; the modern restriction on the number of pieces of luggage allowed makes this impractical. Instead, I spend the month ahead of my trip going through my wardrobe, taking one very nice set of clothes, and the rest are items intended for the thrift store. Therefore I just leave them at the end of my stay so I have more than enough luggage space for everything I buy. Remember, the US Post Office sells flat-rate, prepaid, shipping weight at very inexpensive rates. Request a “Flat Rate Shipping Box” and have these gifts shipped home safely, cheaply and with no hassle on your part.


Interview with Richard Hilton, From Chic music arranger and keyboardist


The best things about playing CHIC is being able to make music with some of the best musicians I’ve ever known, including a band we’ve had for the last five years, and being able to share the happiness of the audience. I also saw a lot of really amazing places that I probably would never have seen.


Traveling rigors that are currently at the highest level.


I started working with Nile in March 1988. For about two years, I was interviewing various positions at “New England Digital”, which produced their own computerized musical instrument called Synclavier. They never hired me, but when Nile Rodgers called them (being a user of their instrument) asking for a skilled programmer who could play the keyboards, they kindly recommended me and that was it, I was in.


When I started studying in the Nile, I was teaching in a small college and going back to high school for my master’s degree. I hope to come back to teaching someday. I am very happy to work with young people.


A tireless commitment to delivering the best programming possible every night. There is a lot of trust and love on stage which seems to translate to the audience based on what they say to me. The value of the amazing repertoire we’ve given to play as a major factor in making it all possible cannot be underestimated.


I cannot talk about ongoing projects.


Adequate but not great. I do a lot of things quite well, but maybe none of them are “great”. All the players in CHIC are much more talented than I am. My skills span many different disciplines in my job, so my playing technique sometimes doesn’t get the attention it would otherwise deserve. I’m lucky that music has always come easily to me.


Because the privilege of playing this music and sharing the joy with the audience is overwhelming to me. Playing this music on CHIC is an amazing thing and I try to get it washed away when we do it.


I would try less to get angry and more to love that I feel. There are a few other things specific to my relationships that I would like to do better.


I’m happy I’m here. I don’t think in terms of “what if” very often. That said, it would be very nice to hear Art Tatum, Beethoven and Chopin playing.


I’m really not good at favorite lists. I listen and look at a lot of things and I really like it. My list would go back to the 100’s and not be limited to a few specific musical and / or artistic styles.


In general, those who contribute with all their power to the degradation of society and its inhabitants. Mustache, contenders. People who didn’t work for it and got it from society.


Find out more about the world, the people in it and my work. I learn a lot alone, not limited to music or technology. I like cooking and spending time with my wife and sons. I don’t watch much TV – mostly sports and historical. I read a lot and spend a lot of time with computers and devices.


More on the mind than on the body, but yes, I am more and more terrified of the world as I get older.


Yes, I try to involve young musicians as much as possible, I am sure I can do a lot more. I am involved as much as possible in my sons’ musical adventures, usually without being directly involved in them. It takes many forms; Equipment advice and purchase assistance, participation in demonstrations, sometimes recording of shows. When they were in the marching band, I was the band’s unofficial cameraman and posted videos for the band to benefit from watching their work.

As an added bonus, the families of band members from all over the world watched these videos to see their relatives playing at a high level. I got comments all the time about how “Grandma in the Phoenix” watched each movie, and every week I was looking forward to them.

Besides, because of my sons’ music, I meet a lot of young people here at home and we talk. I like to think they’re easy to talk to. I like talking to them.


This topic could fill a book, but it briefly plunged into the rabbit hole caused by the democratization of the music-making process. Conversely, it’s also discouraging people’s interest in lively interactions between musicians, so this part is good. We are still trying to overcome the effects of machine making music, popularized in the 1980s and continued on.


The bad, bitter, alienated side. At least I hope they never see it. It doesn’t work for me (or them) at all.


I am more aware of my role as a performer and more committed to taking it for the benefit of the entire team. Now I trust and forgive easier.

How hard are you supporting each other?

I urge you to stay active in learning new things. I have a lot of competition for what I do from younger, hyper, more culturally educated people, and the number is growing every year. I meet them at university seminars and fairs.

I think the only way to keep up to date and commitment is to keep growing by using my long industry experience combined with the knowledge and techniques that I am gaining now. Much can be done today that was considered impossible a few years ago. I cannot stand still; I need to go ahead with the knowledge to stay in the game at my age.


I always feel there is something I could do or do to make it better. I think being “content with your job” is an artistic harbinger of doom. That said, if all of this is over tomorrow, I’ll leave feeling like I’m having a pretty good streak.


There is nothing worth doing, and nothing worth doing well. If you call it perfectionism, I think so.

What are you most proud of as a dad?

I have two amazing sons, James and Corey. James has just completed two Bachelor’s Degrees with Honors from Western Connecticut State University. For his outstanding achievements, he received a special award from the MIS department. He works in the computer industry and is doing fantastic.

Corey attends Music College in Ithaca, New York. He is a recording student whose main instrument is drums. In the first semester he became the head of the percussion section of a symphony ensemble, and in both semesters he was the dean of the letter. In his first year, he played a fantastic recital and recorded dozens of concerts. He too is doing amazingly well and is much appreciated by teachers and friends.


Find something you enjoy doing and find a way to fit it into your life the right way. It may or may not mean getting paid for it. Don’t let others dictate who you are and who you should be. For me, success is finding a place of comfort and happiness in life without hurting it, however it manifests itself. It’s not about fame and fortune – I know too many rich and famous people who aren’t happy.

For me, good relationships with people in the world, both at home and away, also help to balance life and beliefs. It is extremely important in my life.

Note from the author: I was lucky to be invited to the Chic show at Kew Gardens in the summer of 2012. Music lifted me off the grass! I met Rich Hilton, one of the nicest, most humble guys you could ever meet. Richard’s joy on and off stage is contagious, and he and Nile Rodgers have been working together for decades. What a blessing for soul / funk / disco lovers like me!


Free Metro PCS ringtones

Metro PCS was a service provider known as a flat rate operator for restricted roaming subscribers. Now it has introduced Travel Talk, an add-on to its plans that allows subscribers to navigate any urban area in the US. If the subscriber travels to another city by Metro PCS, there is no additional connection fee; otherwise, calls cost between 49 and 79 cents per minute. MetroPCS has limited services, which is reflected in other services provided to clients.

When it comes to ringtones, Metro PCS provides exciting perspectives and options. They recently introduced Sprint PCS ringtones, PNG images, .MID /. QCP /. MMF /. PMD ringtones are very popular among subscribers. They have a huge selection of bells to choose from. From the 1980s, alternative, classic rock, Christian, country, Latin pop, national anthems, pop, patriot, jazz, hip hop, reggae, punk, rock, metal, RNB, salsa, sports and world music. Subscribers to the Metro PCS mobile service can simply log into their official website, register and receive regular updates on new ringtones available.

Often, ring code numbers are sent to subscribers via text messages. Here is the case of a service provider trying to break the barrier with ringtones. The only problem with the Metro PCS service is that the use may require you to check whether the doorbell is compatible with your Metro PC phone or not. Since the awareness level is not that high, Metro PCS subscribers will have to shoulder the burden of ensuring ringtone compatibility. But if the ringtones are free, most people don’t mind getting the extra work done.


Favorite New York City Model bars and restaurants

Manhattan attracts fashion and those who revolve around many industries, designers, artists, fabric dealers and agents. Last but not least, of which part is the most visible: always the desired model. Uptown, downtown, and the whole city, you’ll find these long-legged, younger men and women with a formable look and a “come here, I’m away” look. Great young beauties from the heart of America.

In New York City, people watching is part of the sport of going to bars, clubs, restaurants and the trendy “speakeasy”. For those looking for the best view of high cheekbones and celebrities looking for the same, here’s our pick of the best New York bars to watch models before, during and after Manhattan Fashion Week.

The Red Egg, New York

Red Egg is a modern take on a traditional Chinese teahouse, and at the intersection of Chinatown, Nolita and SoHo, it promotes hip variety that attracts beautiful people. There are a few places tucked away in and out of Chinatown that have gotten quite hot for a young hip, so it’s no surprise that models flock to the Red Egg given its location. Red Egg began organizing dance evenings during Fashion Week, which attracted models, designers and editors alike. On Friday and Saturday, DJs play everything from ’90s R&B to British punk. Red Egg, 202 Center Street, New York, 10013-3613

The London Bar at The London NYC

London NYC is a fairly stylish hotel in the heart of New York’s Midtown. The bar is gorgeous and is filled with Manhattan’s elite, including models during Fashion Week. Consistently awarded two Michelin stars if you want to eat after a few drinks, Chef Markus Glocker provides an unforgettable dining experience in London NYC. It’s also intimate. Offering only forty-five seats, designer David Collins has created the perfect intimate atmosphere for any special moment or occasion. Consistently awarded with two Michelin stars. The London Bar 151 W. 54th St. New York, NY

Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar

What better way to see Manhattan than from a towering hood surrounded by beautiful people? Celebrating the return of Fashion Week, the Empire Hotel, on the 12th floor, with a rooftop bar, offers impressive views of Lincoln Center, Broadway and Columbus Avenue. Sip in style with the unique Empire Martini “Don’t Feed The Models”. Delicious diluting martini made of organic cucumber vodka, cucumber juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and mint. Empire Hotel even teamed up with Moises de la Renta (son of Oscar de la Renta) to design a bespoke dress for the Fashion Week Ambassadors Hotel. Empire Hotel 44 W. 63rd St. NY, NY, NY


This dimly lit East Village hideout is too “now” to have a website (and the first rule of modern speakeasy), yet reservations would be reasonable. Elsa is a place where models and hangers appear. Elsa 217 East 3rd Street New York, New York 10009

Downstairs cabin

Seemingly easy and definitely fun to find (underneath a pizzeria) close to 7th and Avenue A and full of people, Cabin Down Below rewards all your efforts. Great for drinking and watching the stars. The Cabin Below 132 East 7th Street, NYC 10009

Standard Hotel: Boom Boom Room, Living Room and Biergarten

Standard has a celebrity entertainment market. Here you have three good moments and people watching with the popular Boom Boom Room, The Living Room and the kitschy taste of Bavaria, Biergarten.

Boom Boom room sits on top of the hotel providing opulence, soft skin, jacuzzi action, expensive drinks and meat packing views. Always popular with celebrities and models, entering the middle class can be difficult. Enjoy the view there. Next to The Standard Hotel is the New York hotel lobby Living room, a comfortable, trendy lounge overlooking the great square and serves small Mediterranean plates, wine decanters and cocktails with slightly pulsating dips most nights. Not enough to drink? If you can’t get into the popular Boom Boom, you can always try Standard Biergarten. Germany Hofbrau under the High Line, with ever flowing mugs, girls in lederhosen and classic German sausage menu, bratwurst mit brot and maybe even spaetzle.
We also know that Chromebooks and Chrome may increase the ability to share files and photos wirelessly. This would allow a nearby share to jump to AirDrop’s installation base almost overnight. The ability to share files from desktop to mobile or vice versa, file sharing will be almost effortless.
Now one of you may be wondering if Nearby Sharing works directly with AirDrop, or at least integrated in some way. Well, as you expected, it doesn’t work, and it’s unlikely it will ever work with iOS hardware. It’s a shame, but at least if Google Chrome provides functionality, you’ll technically have better overall device compatibility anyway.


Top five nightclubs in Orlando

Orlando has some of the best nightclubs in America. Hollywood stars, celebrities, politicians, socialites and locals can usually be seen in some of the best bars and clubs in the city. Here’s a quick rundown of the best Orlando night hubs:

Taboo nightclub

Speaking of celebrities, Taboo is frequented by the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Colin Farrell. Formerly known as Zuma Beach Club, Tabu features an upstairs lounge and a large main floor. The recently refurbished Tabu nightclub is now one of the coziest nightclubs in the city. Be sure to look away when visiting him on a star-studded night.


Located a few minutes’ walk from the I-4, Pulse is one of the best gay clubs in Orlando since 2004. Its simplistic facade can be confusing for novice visitors as popular events take place inside, such as Gay College Night, Pulsate Saturday, and Tuesday Temptation. Excellent dance shows with the participation of professional dancers await guests.

Firestone Live

Considered the most popular destination for those looking for high-energy dance and trance rhythms, Firestone continues to meet the needs of its customers even late at night. Depending on the night you visit, the venue may feature punk and indie rock performances instead of DJs. And if you want a good view of the dance floor leading upstairs to the Glass Room, the living room above is the best choice.

Dragon Room cocktail boutique

Situated in the entertainment district of Orlando, this super chic and lavishly designed nightclub will not disappoint. The Dragon Room is specially built for young people and students of the University of Central Florida. Pulsating dances, amazing DJs and hip-hop jams await Dragon Room customers. There is a bar in this place which serves very good cocktails which customers can enjoy while breaking the dance floor or sitting in the lounge. Ladies are sure to love Fame Fridays when they get free drinks before midnight. There are new drink promotions every week on Saturdays. Watch out for the stars that decorate the dance floor and bar from time to time.


Another stylish place for an overnight stay in Orlando is Antigua. Located in downtown Orlando, it is not only accessible but also popular for anyone looking for a good time to cool off. The main attraction of this place are the regular drink specials, which are served differently every week. With their 500-gallon tropical aquarium and cascading waterfalls as decoration, Antigua is the perfect place to hang out in Orlando.

A visit to Orlando will never be complete without spending a night in any of these nightclubs. If you have time, take some time to visit them and get a feeling of what it is like to be in the city of Orlando.


Famous stars and stripes by Travis Barker

It’s interesting that celebrities – from actors and actresses to rock and performers – have always had the vanity label they created using their fame and the usual pint of blood, sweat and tears.

It’s Famous Stars and Straps, founded by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker in December 1999. Since then, the company has come a long way from being just a brand name label for kids in the 2000’s. It has since become a renowned brand of both Guys and Gals T-shirts, jackets, hats, socks, buckles, bags, skateboards and other scene related merchandise. There’s even a travel case for the Famous Stars & Straps New Era Hat or simply put, a travel bag shaped just for baseball caps.

The well-known offices of Stars and Straps are located in Ontario, California, which feature the “F” logo – also known as the “Badge of Honor” – created by RockDaMullet to represent the FSAS brand for Travis Barker. Since most slogans and prints in their trading companies start with the letter F, anyone can easily spot the “F” logo on Family, Faith and Friends. There is also the FSAS family comprised of skateboard, BMX, and motorcycle stunt teams that are typically seen in Blink-182 music videos. They usually wear Famous Stars and Straps clothes as a way to promote the brand. You can also see their clothes worn by other famous stars such as Kim Kardashian, Eminem and other punk rockers.

Anyone can easily buy from online stores and clothing stores that sell skater and rider clothing, Famous Stars and Straps products. From the online reviews you can read, you can see that a lot of people love what they get from this famous company. As they have the unique look of the punk scene, this is surely one of the most popular apparel brands for the world’s punk audience, skaters, riders and celebrities.

The Travis Barker brand has certainly wowed the generations of people who bear their name to define them as a group, from shirts to bags to hats and skateboards. They now have a family as famous as the stars who wear them.


What to do and what not to do at a punk rock concert

My first punk rock concert was in my sophomore grade in high school. My brother was in college at the time and bought a ticket for my friend and me. We set up a trip for the weekend and were very excited about the concert which included Less Than Jake and New Found Glory. While my brother was giving me helpful tips, I left the concert losing some cash, twisting my ankle and had a lot of bruises on top of that. Hoping that things would be safe for the others, I thought I’d share some advice I’ve learned after countless punk rock shows.

First, you want to be as prepared as possible, especially with what you wear and what you bring. At punk rock concerts that are usually full of people, you’ll want to pack as little as possible. So males will not want to carry a wallet and females will not want to carry a purse. I say this because these things can easily get lost in a crowd (especially if you want to “crowd surfing”). But the most important things you will want to bring are your ticket, cash and ID (if you are underage or want to buy alcohol). Everything else can easily be left in the car, but make sure to put items you are bringing in the front pockets so they don’t get stolen or fall out. However, if the space allows you to take photos, you might consider taking your camera, but bear in mind that this can be a problem if you are pushed in the front and don’t want it damaged.

In preparation, what to wear? It’s really up to you, but I would personally advise you to wear pants instead of shorts and shoes instead of sandals. If you plan on moving forward, you will need pants as you will be kicking a bit and will need some extra protection. Also, if you think the sandals will be okay, imagine hundreds of people stepping on your toes. Also, it’s not a good idea to bring a sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt with you. As you will soon find out, the premises will be very hot and you will have nowhere to put any extra clothes. Unless of course the site is outside in cooler climates, that would be a good idea.

Now that you are all ready the fun can begin. But there are a few things you may want to know before you get too crazy. First, you have to think where you would like to position yourself for the concert. If you want to stay behind, just make sure you are behind the “bottom” as this is something where people like to throw each other in a big circle. It can certainly be painful if someone accidentally hits you, so watch out!

But if you’re like most people, you’ll come see one of your favorite bands and, damn, you’ll be in the lead! One thing to remember is that there are opening bands, so you may want to wait to line up when the band you want to see performs because the crowd may already be full and you will be exhausted when your band comes to play. While the struggle to get ahead can make people a bit angry when you jostle, just try to be nice and use the words “sorry” lest people start pushing you for bumping into them.

While you may want to rush forward to see “your band” changing your kit, you may also consider waiting for a song or two before moving forward. This is because everyone has the same idea to move forward when switching sets, and standing hand in hand with people waiting sometimes over half an hour can feel like an eternity. This way, all the pushing and madness seems to calm down a bit and you can make your way easier.

Finally, the two aspects of the show that may be most disturbing are the two things known as “crowd surfing” and “pit stop”. If you go to the front of a large group make sure people are sure to surf in crowds as elbows, heads and feet can hit you unexpectedly. Also, make sure you have earrings to take them out before moving forward. My brother had a friend whose earring was ripped off when the girl’s purse tore it off as she surfed in the crowd. Not good huh. So that’s another thing to think about.

When it comes to the bottom, if you want to be away from people just bumping into each other, crazy dances and mostly dudes just proving their manhood, this might be for you. But for most it is not. It usually forms in the center behind the first line of people. Even if you’re not outside of that, make sure you are a few feet away so people don’t bump into you. From experience, I suggest going to the right or left on stage to avoid those intense people.

Overall, I encourage everyone to go to concerts and support the music they love. Hopefully by reading this you will maximize your fun and be as safe as possible.