Favorite New York City Model bars and restaurants

Manhattan attracts fashion and those who revolve around many industries, designers, artists, fabric dealers and agents. Last but not least, of which part is the most visible: always the desired model. Uptown, downtown, and the whole city, you’ll find these long-legged, younger men and women with a formable look and a “come here, I’m away” look. Great young beauties from the heart of America.

In New York City, people watching is part of the sport of going to bars, clubs, restaurants and the trendy “speakeasy”. For those looking for the best view of high cheekbones and celebrities looking for the same, here’s our pick of the best New York bars to watch models before, during and after Manhattan Fashion Week.

The Red Egg, New York

Red Egg is a modern take on a traditional Chinese teahouse, and at the intersection of Chinatown, Nolita and SoHo, it promotes hip variety that attracts beautiful people. There are a few places tucked away in and out of Chinatown that have gotten quite hot for a young hip, so it’s no surprise that models flock to the Red Egg given its location. Red Egg began organizing dance evenings during Fashion Week, which attracted models, designers and editors alike. On Friday and Saturday, DJs play everything from ’90s R&B to British punk. Red Egg, 202 Center Street, New York, 10013-3613

The London Bar at The London NYC

London NYC is a fairly stylish hotel in the heart of New York’s Midtown. The bar is gorgeous and is filled with Manhattan’s elite, including models during Fashion Week. Consistently awarded two Michelin stars if you want to eat after a few drinks, Chef Markus Glocker provides an unforgettable dining experience in London NYC. It’s also intimate. Offering only forty-five seats, designer David Collins has created the perfect intimate atmosphere for any special moment or occasion. Consistently awarded with two Michelin stars. The London Bar 151 W. 54th St. New York, NY

Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar

What better way to see Manhattan than from a towering hood surrounded by beautiful people? Celebrating the return of Fashion Week, the Empire Hotel, on the 12th floor, with a rooftop bar, offers impressive views of Lincoln Center, Broadway and Columbus Avenue. Sip in style with the unique Empire Martini “Don’t Feed The Models”. Delicious diluting martini made of organic cucumber vodka, cucumber juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and mint. Empire Hotel even teamed up with Moises de la Renta (son of Oscar de la Renta) to design a bespoke dress for the Fashion Week Ambassadors Hotel. Empire Hotel 44 W. 63rd St. NY, NY, NY


This dimly lit East Village hideout is too “now” to have a website (and the first rule of modern speakeasy), yet reservations would be reasonable. Elsa is a place where models and hangers appear. Elsa 217 East 3rd Street New York, New York 10009

Downstairs cabin

Seemingly easy and definitely fun to find (underneath a pizzeria) close to 7th and Avenue A and full of people, Cabin Down Below rewards all your efforts. Great for drinking and watching the stars. The Cabin Below 132 East 7th Street, NYC 10009

Standard Hotel: Boom Boom Room, Living Room and Biergarten

Standard has a celebrity entertainment market. Here you have three good moments and people watching with the popular Boom Boom Room, The Living Room and the kitschy taste of Bavaria, Biergarten.

Boom Boom room sits on top of the hotel providing opulence, soft skin, jacuzzi action, expensive drinks and meat packing views. Always popular with celebrities and models, entering the middle class can be difficult. Enjoy the view there. Next to The Standard Hotel is the New York hotel lobby Living room, a comfortable, trendy lounge overlooking the great square and serves small Mediterranean plates, wine decanters and cocktails with slightly pulsating dips most nights. Not enough to drink? If you can’t get into the popular Boom Boom, you can always try Standard Biergarten. Germany Hofbrau under the High Line, with ever flowing mugs, girls in lederhosen and classic German sausage menu, bratwurst mit brot and maybe even spaetzle.
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